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Alexandra is an Orange County based singer-songwriter with a rich professional voice who blends Americana music and Christian-themed lyrics about gratitude and redemption.  She grew up in a close-knit family with deep-rooted faith.  Always musical, she studied piano, guitar and voice, performing in local bands and doing demo sessions in the LA music scene.   After studying songcraft at UCLA she started work on a country-pop album, but found she felt more inspired performing songs that reflected her Christian faith.  She met her husband Bryan, also a musician, in church choir.  He became her musical as well as life partner.

Alexandra’s long awaited debut CD “I’m Overcome” has finally been released.  This fine collection of her eleven original songs of praise and gratitude blends Christian themes and Americana styling in a way sure to please audiences who appreciate spiritual uplifting messages and acoustic contemporary country-gospel-pop music.  Alexandra’s rich heartfelt vocals express conviction and a confident smoothness that show she has truly found her voice and her message as well.  Seamlessly produced by Ed Tree, “I’m Overcome” has a musical depth and variety within this niche, “My Father’s Hands” and “Grandpa” being standout cuts.  If I had my own church, Celano would be on my short list of invited performers.  Christian radio should soon be playing these tunes as they entertain and inspire from beginning to end.”

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Alex was a student at Cat Cohen’s UCLA classes and co-wrote several songs with him that they recorded at Ed Tree’s studio in San Gabriel.

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