Christopher is a well-traveled performer and songwriter whose haunts are ski towns, artist communities, beach bars, and college towns.  With a soulful, resonant voice evoking the likes of John Fogerty, Johnny Cash, and Bob Weir, Hawley continually extends his foray into the American music troubadour scene.  A consistent tour schedule has helped spread his feel-good vibes all over the American West, Rocky Mountains, and parts of the Midwest, Northeast, and Europe.

This Venice, CA-based avid skier, surfer and yogi enjoys uplifting spirits through music with a combination of positive attitude, inspiring lyrics, and danceable grooves.  He has been on the road on average for about six months out of each of the last five years, playing countless shows in the SoCal area with his band, The Christopher Hawley Rollers.  His lyrical and melodic ideas sometimes paint a picture or reveal a philosophical ideal, usually aiming to create a heightened sense of awareness in the listener.  Songs about friends both far and near, places visited and revisited, and moments past and future are in abundance.  He released his first album “Red Lights Green” in 2006. Now with the much-anticipated second album, The Roots of the Tree, he hopes to bring his feel-good music to an even wider audience.  

Christopher attended Cat’s UCLA songwriting classes and song structure workshops.  He also performed at one of Cat Cohen’s Performing Songwriter Nights at the Synergy Café in Culver City.

Hawley’s music can be heard at

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