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Tyler is an amazingly self-styled singer-songwriter-pianist-idealist-lover-fighter-spontaneous crier who takes the definition of eclecticism to its limits.  Growing up with an incredible variety of musical influences from Stravinksy (Rites of Spring) to extremely alternative rock to beatnik jazz to cheesy R&B pop, she weaves incredibly unique music and lyrics into songs that are a world unto themselves.  Together with her bassist-string and wind arranger-lover-errand runner and patient master John Graves they have brought various and sundry musicians into the studio to record the tracks for her band Deep 6 Holiday.

Deep 6 Holiday - Awake At The Funeral  It is said that art is a fusion of opposites.  Listeners who enjoy being challenged by a unique vocalist and songwriter who expressively explores emotional alt rock fused and hip dissonant jazz with touches of impressionistic classical music and modern R&B and electronica ambience will find many artistic treasures in this new Deep 6 Holiday CD.  Azelton’s dark silky vocals eclectically range in influence from rockers Grace Slick and Annie Lennox to jazzers Diana Krall, Nina Simone and Carmen McRae to the sultriness of Portishead to the bohemian rhapsodiness of Freddie Mercury.  Outstanding tracks include the edgy rock styled “Water”, the dissonant jazzy “It’s Not Me”, the mid-tempo “Seafaring”, and the more lyrical ballads “Falling For You” and “Anastasia”.  Fans of intelligent poetic lyrics of aching romance and sounds of outer limits such as the kinds indie Sundance filmmakers or HBO and Showtime music supervisors could make good use of should take note of her amazing talents.   Lay back and let yourself be carried away by this collection of sonic jewels.  Azelton will tuck you into bed and inspire visions that reside on the border of your fondest dreams and deepest nightmares.

Reviewed by Cat Cohen

Tyler attended Cat Cohen’s UCLA songwriting classes and also was an active participant in some of his music theory and song structure workshops.

Azelton performs in clubs throughout Southern California.   Her music can be heard on and

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