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Scott is a rock and R&B styled vocalist with a strong high-pitched voice in the tradition of Lou Gramm and Hall and Oates, running the gamut of contemporary pop styles.   He was a member of The "One-Hit Oneders Revue" featuring Rogness and Rick Elias, songwriting partners and bandmates since being introduced through Geffen Records in Los Angeles. Years later, their musical partnership and songwriting skills so impressed Tom Hanks, they were asked to read his script and "write whatever you want." The result was the creation of five songs that mimicked the sound of 1964 for Hanks' film THAT THING YOU DO! 

As Scott puts it: "Rick and I were asked to create music for THE WONDERS, a band that would have been on the Billboard charts in 1964. So the songs had to have elements of all those great '60's bands, from the Stones, to The Beatles, The Kinks, and American Bands like the Knickerbockers, The Standells, Nashville Teens and the like. The music became a hybrid mix that took you back into that period and really propelled the energy of the soundtrack." 

At one point, Tom Hanks and Producer Gary Goetzman needed one more song. They gave Scott and Rick a title and a deadline: "write a song called Let Me Be The One and bring it back tomorrow." They exited to a hotel room to create something and personally auditioned it for Hanks the next day!

Scott contributed lead and background vocals in the film and soundtrack. He is the singing voice of Lenny, the young guitarist of The Wonders. Scott has been an accomplished songwriter/musician for years. He has done extensive vocal session work and continues to ride on Rick's coattails. 

In 2002, Tom Hanks' production company Playtone, called to say: "we're dropping one of your songs into this little independent film we're producing." Scott and Rick didn't think much more about it until it turn out to be the biggest grossing independent film of all time, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. 

That Thing You Do! continues to grow in cult status and is still broadcast on VH1's Movies that Rock and regularly on HBO.  Scott moved to Nashville after studying and performing in LA and Florida.

Rogness studied keyboard and vocal styling with Cat Cohen in the 70s and 80s.  They collaborated on several songs and recorded many sessions together. 

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