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Francis is  a singer-songwriter with a unique ”Southwestern Country” style that is what you get when you cross Jimmy Buffett, Hank Williams, and Bob Wills, infuse it with Guns 'n Roses and "Weird Al"?  You get Francis' own style called "Southwestern Country".  Influenced by hair rock, down-home country, and novelty music, Francis takes humor and mixes it with all the music he heard in his younger years. "I never took music labels too seriously growing up. I would play a classical piano version of 'Paradise City', or rock out with 'Stairway to Heaven' on my accordion. I was only trying to entertain myself, or annoy people."

In 2001, he decided to take a methodical approach. "I felt frustrated that I couldn't write the great American pop song. I kept on writing, and one day I realized my strength was humor, and I needed to write more what my style is. That's when I felt my writing took a turn, and I realized my best writing was in my own voice. I think that's where I am now, and that's what I'll mostly write. I love to laugh."

Why Country? " Country music is very accepting of most subjects when you put a humorous spin on it.  His trips to Nashville have taught him a whole new appreciation for the quality, discipline and style that professional writers have. "Having sat in front of publishers and song-pluggers who expect the best of their writers really has pushed my writing to a new level. Then you go out at night and sit in a place like the Bluebird Cafe, and hear the most incredible songs played, but have not been cut, and it only makes you want to go back to the drawing board and come up with something even better than what you had before."

Francis lives and writes in Los Angeles and also plays at songwriter nights in LA and Orange County. He travels back and forth to Nashville. He is working on recording and producing an EP of his songs, something he's been dreaming about for several years.  Most recently he played accordion in the Moonlight Orchestra for the LA Stage production of "The Roads To Home" written by award winning playwright Horton Foote.

Francis attended several of Cat Cohen’s songwriting and music theory workshops.

You can hear his music at

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