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Pat was a known as the “hip hypnotist” who had a club on the Sunset Strip at the corner of Sunset and Doheny next to Gil Turners Liquor store and also did shows in Las Vegas and Reno.  She was a pioneer in hypnotism as entertainment, one of the first to be honest as to what hypnotism could do, as opposed to hypnotists that would claim having the ability to control people beyond their will. She also ran workshops to teach people self-hypnosis, to overcome psychological problems such as cigarette smoking.

Collins appeared on almost every talk show you can think of from late 60s through the 70s. Pat played her self in “Divorce American Style,” “The Lucy Show,” and in an episode of the “Bill Dana Show.”  She played a caricature called Babs Ivar in an episode of the “Honey West Show.” Pat was also on an episode of TV's famed show "What’s My Line" and the TV show called "No Time for Sergeants."

For many years, Collins ran her nightclub on the Sunset Strip, performing her hypnosis act some evenings and other nights teaching self-hypnosis to audience members who wanted to overcome emotional problems.


A celebrity's celebrity, Collins once hypnotized Lucille Ball on an episode of Ball's TV series in the mid-1960s. She also received feature billing in the Debbie Reynolds-Dick Van Dyke starrer "Divorce American Style."  She counted among her close friends Ball, Robert Wagner and Ed Begley Sr., her daughter said.


Collins lived in Beverly Hills until 1987, then moved to Reno and performed there and in Lake Tahoe until 1992, when she moved to San Bernardino in poor health.


Collins had been in ill health since suffering a stroke several years ago, according to a family friend.  In her early 60s she decided to stop performing and passed on May 31,1997 in San Bernadino. Pat is survived by two daughters, a son and six grandchildren.

Cat Cohen (when he was still known as David) played keyboards in Collins’ band at her Sunset Strip night club for a couple of years, warming up the audience before and accompanying the singing hypnotist during her act.

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