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Alfred is a singer/songwriter and master of the keyboard. As a prolific songwriter, Alfred has written somewhere around 900 songs and has published at least 70 over a span of about 30 years. Early in his career he co-wrote with Riekie Lee Jones on her Platinum Grammy Award winning premiere album containing the hit single, “Chuck E’s In Love”. Alfred has been called one of this century’s most animated and original songwriters. Jazz singer, Dianne Reeves recorded and performed “Company”, one of Alfred’s finest collaborations… Alfred describes his musical style as very diverse, but the emphasis is always on the lyric. He blends Gospel with ”Rhythm & Bluegrass”, Pop, Rock ‘n’ Soul, and even some danceables in a way that only he can deliver them. You just have to experience him for yourself, and then you’ll understand. The only thing better than hearing his songs is seeing him perform them live...with the lyric sheets, of course!

Johnson is well known in the LA songwriter circuit for his lively, bordering on the outrageous, songs with a New Orleans ragtime flavor, and I do mean flavor.  One of his favorite topics is food and plenty of it, as in “Pounds Of Proof.” 

Johnson and Cat have performed together at a few LA songwriter events including Performing Songwriter’s Night Cat sponsored at Synergy Café in Culver City.

You can hear Alfred’s music at

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