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Wild Ones by Flo Rida

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A celebratory song of adventurous spirits looking to connect for a wild night of romantic-sexual connection

Song: Wild Ones
Artist: Flo Rida
Album: Wild Ones
Songwriter: Tramar Dillard, Raphael Judrin, Pierre-Antoine Meiki, Sia Furler, Axwell, Jacob Luttrell, Marcus Coope. Benjamin Maddahi
Producer: soFLY & xwell

Both sides of a hot romantic sexual encounter express their passion and excitement as they seek to hook up with each other.

Street-oriented lyrics with slang phrases and broken English describe the feelings of a sexual hunt. CHORUS (sung) I heard that you were a wild one, ooh If I took you home it’d be home run Show me how you do VERSE (rap) I like crazy, foolish, stupid Party going wild, fist pumping music, I might lose it Blast to the roof, that how we do'z it (do'z it do'z it) I don't care the night, she don't care we like Almost dared the right vibe Ready to get live, ain't no surprise Take me so high, jumping nose dive Surfing the crowd

An infectious uptempo 16th groove propels this recording with high-energy perfect for dancing and wild abandon.

The chorus has a memorable melodic hook that repeats often. The rap section, while not melodic, has an engaging lilt to it.

A three-chord loop repeats throughout the song except for a few silent breaks. I V vi7 V

C A B C A B C D C Chorus Verse Pre-Hook Chorus Verse Pre-Hook Chorus Bridge Chorus

The sung hook is presented a capella to introduce the song.

The production cleverly changes electronic sounds and textures over the static chord progression and predictable structure, keeping the song fresh and vibrant.

Sia sings with passion and Flo Rida raps with fun, spark, and sass.

Predicted Longevity
Though not a standard by any means, this dance-oriented recording should be a staple in dance clubs for a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it in a film or tv score as well.

Album Cover: Wild Ones

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