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Desda is a powerful singer in the Grace Slick San Francisco rock and blues tradition who made the transition from full-time performer in bands that she played in with her husband Bob Zuckerman to becoming a dynamic, fun-loving, international healer, speaker and teacher.

Desda is a natural intuitive with clear sight, clear hearing and clear knowing abilities, she has made it her life's work to understand and learn skillful use of her exceptional gifts.  She has created a healing modality based on this long path and the knowledge it has produced. Using her deep soul impact healing system of Core Individuation, Desda works in full partnership with the client. Her ability to hold the focus of balancing and guiding the total being to wholeness produces deep inner healing with results on many levels.

Another major life accomplishment has been the mapping of the Human Structure. This is the "energy" that Desda sees and feels around and through every person. She has spent years studying and dissecting it. Core Individuation is based in what has become known as Desda's Anatomy.

She is currently teaching workshops, a multi-level seminar series, teacher trainings, an ongoing practitioner education and an apprenticeship program. In her prerequisite workshop, Working from the Core, some of the self-support techniques of Core Individuation are taught. It is designed for sensitive people on a healing or Spiritual Path who need better tools for living and working. their own inner connections to sensing.  Her 30-plus years of work in the field of psychic awareness and research puts her in a unique position to support others in the development of their extra-sensory skills. 

Desda's extensive experience also includes working with the Earth, crystal healing, and flower essences. A master dowser, she is one of the top space clearers and Earth workers in the United States..


Born a third generation Californian, Desda lives north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County with husband Bob. And her 29-year-old daughter also lives in Marin.

Cat Cohen has been lifelong friends with Desda and her husband Bob from the days before their wedding which he attended back in the 1970s.   He has photographs of them in their outrageous clothes and frizzy hairdos to prove it. 

You can reach find out more about Desda at her website at

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