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Libbe HaLevy is a Life Coach and Info Product Creation Specialist, who helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants create cost-effective marketing strategies utilizing Audio Info Products as lead generators and for-sale passive income generators.  She has developed a 30-Day Audio Info Product Creation teleseminar program that coaches participants into creating their first professionally produced audio product in one month. Designed for people afraid of tech or just klutzy around it, she provides everything -- tutorials, templates, weekly action steps, Q&A support calls -- to support the most tech-backwards person to research, write, record, produce and implement their audio as a lead generator.

HaLevy also coaches writers and those who want to write on starting and finishing their projects, from the Great American Novel to business books to website copy. Among my clients is co-author of a NYTimes #1 Bestselling book and a first-time author whose book has been endorsed by the Dalai Lama.

Her ebook is "Blast Your Writer's Block to Smithereens," a guide to removing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resistances to putting your Voice out into the world.

Finally: she loves helping good people get their Voice out into the world, where they can share what they know to help others save time, energy, money, or improve their health. She considers herself to be an olde hippie, still trying to change the world, one audio, one person, one download at a time.

Cat Cohen studied musical theater with HaLevy back in the 90s under the auspices of Broadway On Sunset where she helped him immensely develop his libretto skills.  During this time, B.O.S. sponsored several staged readings of Cat’s musical “OUT”, a story of two closeted gay men and their struggle to come out and be available to establish a love relationship with  each other.  Directed by Clifford Bell, a more evolved production was mounted at the theater in the auditorium in Barnsdall Park.

You can find out ore about HaLevy at her facebook page

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