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 Monique is  a multi-talented Jazz-R&B-pop songwriter and singer with two CDs under her belt.  A native of Los Angeles, CA, award-winning singer/songwriter DeBose has been performing all her life. After years of playing with bands as a musician, it wasn't until a brief stint with Merck Pharmaceuticals that she knew her life's passion was to express herself through writing and performing her own music. Influenced by Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and Ella Fitzgerald, Monique found her voice through the world of jazz. She began singing seriously while at UC Berkeley with vocal ensemble, "Blacker the Berry", before soloing with Joey Blake, a member of Bobby McFerrin's world famous Voicestra acapella group. Upon returning to Los Angeles, she produced and performed in the sold-out show "Sooner or Later" at the world famous Gardenia Club in Hollywood. She studied with vocal coaches Stephanie Spruill, Dena Murray, and Roger Love to get her voice to where it is today.

"Monique DeBose's music is honest, full with emotions, written from the soul. The style is a mix of various influences which gives it a special, but universal character… with her voice she takes you on a special journey,"

Glenn S.F. Westphal, Perfect Solutions, Amsterdam.

Taking her solo career to another level, Monique DeBose performed around Los Angeles, CA at the South Bay Jazz Festival and TarFest - Festival of Film, Music & Art, and other venues before traveling internationally to sing before sold-out houses in Amsterdam. She performed with famous jazz drummer Duffy Jackson in the Latin Quarter while in France and has travelled and performed in India. A winner of the Simply Songwriting Music Festival in 2004, Monique will M.C. this year's festival. She was on the musician’s roster of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission for 2005-06.

Choose The Experience: Vol. 1, Ready For Love, is Monique's debut album.

DeBose attended Cat Cohen’s UCLA Extension classes and consulted with him afterwards on her songs and in notating them.  She also sang vocal backups on Cat’s CD Songs Of Survival And Sweet Surrender.

Her music can be heard at  and

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