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 Pauline is a genre defying soulful silken-voiced singer-songwriter from Belgium who skillfully and weaves new age, bossa nova jazz, R&B, hip-hop and folk music streams into a guitar strumming necklaces of pure inspiration and joy.  Her music combines down-to-earth sensuality and spirituality with a similar grace and uplift as that of India Arie, Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway.  Her lyrics express romantic messages from conflict to gratitude and intriguing spiritual quests and breakthroughs.  Here are a few reviews of her CD Beautiful Story.


NEW ARTIST ALERT: Pauline Drossart is a name to watch. An impressive artist who writes, sings, and produces in both French and English.

Billboard Magazine

Singer/songwriter Pauline Drossart shades her songs with classic R&B. As a result, she’s presenting something different from numerous guitar-strapped sirens. With proficient range, talented players and infectious energy, this artist creates a package that is inventive and engaging.

Music Connection

Pauline has all the qualities of most big stars except one….self importance. She was one of the most humble persons I’ve had the chance to interview. Not humble in the sense that she lacks confidence, but her humbleness reflects her true knowledge of self and what she brings to the world. A beautiful voice, a beautiful woman and a beautiful spirit- what a great interview!   

Kenneth Hamlett, Unsigned Music Magazine

In the late 90s, music called Pauline and Akahdahmah together on a medicine journey to rediscover a Sacred Love for Self in one another. The transformation was so profound, it caused them to develop a deep desire to allow the music to awaken the healing and creative power of this Sacred Love within all people.  They created a selection of Kundalini Mantras which help to open the heart and cultivate the strength, focus and peace of mind that is required of us during these challenging times. Akahdahmah plays an array of percussion including the beautiful Udu, which lays a smooth earthy groove for the soothing chants and acoustic guitar by Pauline. Their debut CD as AYKANNA*, the sacred sound collective is now available at


Pauline is also a certified Kundalini yoga & meditation teacher with eight years experience practicing Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and meditation. She teaches classes at well-known studios throughout Los Angeles and has led workshops internationally. Pauline has a private practice teaching individuals and group classes in the comfort of their home or at her studio “The Yoga Treehouse” in Topanga Canyon.  Pauline incorporates her extensive knowledge and experience in cleansing, raw foods, quantum healing and ancient medicinal ways into her practice.


Pauline studied songwriting with Cat Cohen at Musicians’ Institute and later hosted several songwriting and music theory workshops for him.  She continues to consult with Cat to help polish her songs before going into the recording studio.


Ms. Drossart is extremely pleased to share what she knows to be her divine gifts with all those ready to receive themShe lives in Topanga Canyon. 

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