Cat Cohen Alumni

Ellie is originally from Cincinnati where she and her husband Rich Goldman successfully ran the legendary 5th Floor Recording. Ellie is an accomplished musician and singer. They have been partners in business for over 20 years and she is a founder of the company. Although music is her first passion, she runs the business, finance and human resources departments at Riptide Music, a company that paces music in films and television.  Their credits range from commercials for McDonalds and Sprite, the movie trailers of "Terminator 3", "Solaris" and "BMW Films", video games Mission Impossible and Legion/The Legend of Excalibur and sonic branding for Infogrames, Intel and MSN.  Riptide has earned several Gold Records and is a Board Member of G.A.N.G. (The Game Audio Network Guild); an industry organization dedicated to the advancement of interactive audio.  She and Rich are also members of NARAS. 

Goldman attended Cat Cohen’s UCLA Extension songwriting classes and later hosted Cat’s song structure workshops at her residence.

Ellie and Rich can be reached at www.riptidemusic.com

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