Cat Cohen Alumni

Don was  a disc jockey on the pioneering AM radio station 1580 KDAY, which, besides broadcasting R&B and dance music, was one of the first stations to play hip-hop in the 1980s.

Don Tracy, as he was known on the air, started out DJ’ing at radio station KGFJ from 1969 to 1974 and moved to KDAY in 1976 where he worked until 1990.  Simultaneously at this time he worked as a broadcaster on Armed Forces Radio for many years.  Later jobs included shifts at KMBY and KABC.  Following this, in 1995, he opened an ad agency called Malloy & Associates in the San Fernando Valley.

Malloy opened the first black owned and operated broadcasting school in the U.S. whose aim was to turn out qualified announcers who could enter the broadcasting industry on a professional level.

Malloy studied songwriting privately with Cat Cohen in the 1970s and this blossomed into a collaborative relationship where they wrote over two dozen R&B and pop tunes together.  One of these songs, “Touchdown” was recorded by Freddie Hubbard on the jazz-pop crossover album Splash on Fantasy Records.

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