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Scott is a schoolteacher, author, cook and occasional pianist who wrote the book Hip Hop Sushi, a macrobiotic cookbook that was rave reviewed (excerpts below).

Hip Hop Sushi is different, something other than a cookbook; a lifestyle book, perhaps containing affirmations and prayers, after all, which I've never seen in any other collection of recipes. Scott Sayre truly believes in cooking and presents the act as a metaphor for living in harmony with the earth. It's singularly spiritual, but in a very practical way. As Sayre presents food, it simply makes sense to slow down and enjoy everything you are smelling, touching, seeing, tasting, feeling, hearing, and eating.  Sayre’s a kind of a twenty-first century Julia Child, utterly unafraid to be publicly inspired by his own culinary lust. The recipes are off the beaten path, but not totally unfamiliar. Sayre has deep background and skills, but manages to restrain himself from overwhelming someone with less food confidence. A few of my favorite headings: Creating Syrup From Almost Any Kind of Juice; Baby, You Upset Me; Buttercup Squash with Quinoa and Chestnuts. And here's an affirmation to keep: We cannot fight while we chew.

Vergie True of Yoglicious.

Scott studied piano with Cat Cohen and shared Sayre’s love of cuisine with Cat a few vegan potlucks.  Scott’s wife Nancy attended Cat’s UCLA Extension songwriting class and hosted some of Cat’s Song Structure workshops. 

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