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Shakeh is a dynamic singer and expressive songwriter with a voice full of depth and complex emotions.   Her style best described as “Adult Contemporary Eclectic” as she spins musical tales that take the listener on a unique journey. Her candid poetic lyrics woven over tribal beats (Blue Ivory), playful, Jazzy saxophone melodies (Wherever The Loving Take Us) and sterling Rock/Blues guitar and piano textures (Keep Talkin’ Bout Me) melt together into a tantalizing seductive experience. Her newest CD, “Keep Talkin’ Bout Me” is just out and reveals Shakeh in her best incarnation ever.

“Keep Talkin’ Bout Me” is her fourth independent release. Shakeh has received extensive college and independent radio play all over the world with her previous releases, “Shakeh” and “Running”.

She has toured extensively up and down the west coast from San Diego to Seattle playing colleges, festivals, clubs, coffeehouses and over 40 Borders Books and Music stores. She resides in Los Angeles and Arlington, Washington.

As a live performer, she is energetic and engaging given to making up songs on the spot for children of all ages. With her wireless system she can be very interactive with a crowd and performs as a single, duo, trio, or with a full band.

Shakeh often has consulted with Cat Cohen when finishing and polishing her songs.  She has also performed with him at local songwriting venues including a few Performing Songwriters‘ Nights that they co-hosted at Synergy Café in Culver City.

You can hear her music at and her website

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