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Zera is  an incredibly gifted and versatile singer and songwriter who was born in Tunisia and raised between two cultures, the local and the European.  Daughter of an English painter and French ballet dancer, she attended the Tunisian Music Conservatory. That country’s traditional music includes malouf, imported from Andalusia after the Spanish conquest in the 15th century. While such musical roots don’t manifest themselves heavily in Zera’s world music with its electronic, synthesized and rhythmic grooves, they played a part in the musical fusion that she’s concocted. After high school, Zera studied at the Paris Music Conservatory, and she performed regularly throughout the city. Her roots also can be traced to the influences of trip-hop music that she was exposed to in the U.K. That genre takes listeners on a hip-hop trip with synth’ed sounds, samples, loops, and sound effects.

Zera perfected her voice and her act throughout the years as a regular on the French Lounge Circuit. Her unique voice can be heard on several European albums. 
While in the U.K, visiting her family, Vaughan discovered the sound of Trip-Hop. Since then, with the help of an international team, lead by L.A. Based producer Amir Efrat, Zéra has taken the challenge to explore the links between Europe and The Middle-East, filling the gap by putting her own touch on the "world music" genre. 
The result is: "Back to the Roots" the album. 11 unique tracks, including Almaz, a "World Music" version of a 1985 Randy Crawford song. Almaz was also part of several international compilations, such as the critically acclaimed "L'Etoile" and the US best selling "Oriental Escapade" 
The spices of the middle East, added to the European sounds have convinced Los Angeles-based Radio KCRW to air Zéra's Music, announcing her work as the perfect definition of "World Music". 
 Vaughan sings mainly in French and English, but also in Hebrew and Arabic. 


Now making her home between Los Angeles and Paris, Zera is a globetrekker with a worldly, sophisticated vision for her music. The international appeal of her music is that it has positive energy for humankind.  


Zera was a student at Cat Cohen’s UCLA Extension songwriting class and continued taking keyboard lessons with him for several years.


Her music can be heard on her website at www.zeravaughan.com and. www.myspace.com/zeravaughan.  

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