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Bob is an award winning recording engineer and producer who works out of his own studio, Sunburst Recording in Culver City. For over 25 years he has given Sunburst a solid reputation as a premier recording facility, providing a creative yet relaxed atmosphere offering acoustically designed and aesthetically pleasing rooms to assist clients in capturing great performances.  He specializes in recording live ensembles using a variety of instruments and voices in diverse styles.

Over the years, Bob has worn a number of hats at Sunburst; studio owner, recording engineer, producer, performer, and instructor.  Bob’s work encompasses a wide array of media (music, film, television, spoken word) and diverse genres (jazz, swing, ska, rock, folk, comedy and children’s).  He has worked with local and national artists including Adam Sandler, Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer), Fishbone, Hepcat, Richie Havens, Micky Dolenz, Steve Allen, and Jazz greats Plas Johnson, Barbara Morrison and Ernie Andrews.

Recognition of Bob’s contributions to the recording industry include: a Grammy Award for his work on George Carlin’s Napalm & Sillyputty in 2002, and four nominations as a Grammy Finalist.  Additionally, Bob has contributed his music production talents to many feature films such as Election, Swingers and Guess Who His work has also been heard on television in Alias, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Party of Five and the PBS Nova segment: Cracking the Maya Code, among others.

As a record producer, Bob has lent his expertise to individual artists, record labels, and commercial music houses.  In this regard, he was a founding member, producer and lead vocalist for Big Daddy, a 1950’s Rock & Roll parody band that released four albums on Rhino Records from 1983 – 1992.   In addition to their recordings, Big Daddy was honored as a Clio Finalist for their original musical composition and performance of “My Kind Of Zoo,” a T.V. ad that promoted the 1986 renovation of the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.  The jingle also won both New York and Chicago Film Festival awards.

As an instructor he taught a class at West LA College in recording engineering. Soon, he was added to the UCLA Extension faculty to teach there as well.  Bob has also taught at LA City College.

Another feather in Bob's ever expanding cap was his satire of the Carpenters' hit Muskrat Love, entitled HAMSTER LOVE, which was released on a Dr. Demento Greatest Hits CD on Rhino Records. The vocals were provided by Cat Cohen alumnus Joanne Montana and the keyboards by Cat himself.  Bob has worked in partnership with Rhino for many years as evidenced by the following testimonial. 

I have known Bob Wayne since the late 1970’s during the early days of the Rhino Records label.  Bob showed a sincere dedication to these early projects and proved time and time again to be a talented recording engineer and producer.
Over the next 20 plus years, Bob continued to make major contributions for Rhino as he produced and engineered well over fifty projects including Rhino’s first international hit record in the UK “Dancing in the Dark” by Big Daddy in 1985 and “Chantmania” in 
1994, the biggest selling original project ever on the Rhino label.”

Richard Foos, Co-Founder of Rhino and CEO of Shout! Factory Entertainment

Bob studied keyboards with Cat back in the 1970s and they became lifelong friends.  Cat recorded several projects at Bob’s studio including cuts that were aired on KCET’s community programs.  Wayne was a frequent guest at Cat’s UCLA Extension classes helping songwriters get the most out of their studio experiences until he started teaching his own class there as well.

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