Cat Cohen Colleague

Eric is the Managing Editor and Advertising Director for Music Connection Magazine.  In 1977 he and J. Michael Dolan founded what became the industry standard for news of LA (aka Hollywood) performers, clubs, recording studios, publishers, songwriters, and all things pop music.  Through the years Music Connection expanded from its LA base to full national coverage.   For over 30 years the periodical has always maintained an attitude and atmosphere of integrity in an industry that often is borderline in its practices.  Bettelli and Dolan have successfully pointed a beacon on light in the sometimes murky sell yourself and your grandmother to become a star business.

Cat Cohen and Eric often run into each other at songwriting events.  They share a love of Chinese restaurants like Hop Li in Chinatown and other great tasting eateries.  Cat wrote for Music Connection magazine in its early years (see J. Michael Dolan’s bio for more on this).

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