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Arthur is a songwriter, author, and publisher, known for his classic pop standard "Cry Me a River".  Hamilton is the son of Jack Stern. His songs were recorded by such popular singers as Peggy King and Julie London. Besides his film and television work, he wrote the stage score for "What a Day", a show that today is considered to be the first live television musical, for KTTV in 1949. He wrote for a music-publishing company for two years, and became a music publisher himself in 1958. Joining ASCAP in 1955, his other popular-song compositions include "Poor Ev'rybody Else", "Zero Hour", "He Needs Me", "Sing a Rainbow", "Just Go", "Them There Days", "The Trouble With Me is Men", "That Means I Love You", "Our Ship Is Coming In", "Bayamo", "Wherever I Am, I'm Home", "Any Questions?", "Lady Blue", "Bouquet of Blues", "Wherever You Are It's Spring", "Littleboy Heart", and "Sudden Love".

A reviewer once wrote of Hamilton:  He is best known for Cry Me a River - and why not?  Jazz players like the ninths, and female singers love to tell a bad man to go to hell.  I’ve never liked the rhyme of “plebian” with “me ‘n’ “, but I think you can pull it off by delivering it with a sneer: it is something he said, after all.


Hamilton was a frequent guest at Cat Cohen’’s Song Evaluation Workshops at Cat Cohen Studio in the 1980s.


You can find out more about Hamilton and hear some of his songs at   

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