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Pam is one of the industry's most versatile, prolific and successful lyricists!  With hundreds of artist cuts and TV & film usage credits accumulated over more than 20 years as a successful songwriter, Oland has become a go-to lyricist composers, directors, artists and music supervisors look to for the precise kind of lyrics they need.

Project Writing is Oland’s specialty. Recently, her work has included conceptualizing and writing lyrics for the amazing “Van Gogh by Van Eck,” an album in which 12 songs, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s own art, are sung as if by the artist himself. Twelve of Vincent’s great artworks have influenced Oland and her writing partner, album producer Tom Harriman, with Netherlands singing artist Diederick van Eck, to create an album that allows listeners to take a musical journey into the Artist’s heart and soul, as if experiencing his life with him. The album was developed under the auspices of the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. It was part of the recent MOMA Van Gogh Exhibition in New York.

Another of Oland's recent projects was a Grammy-nominated kids’ album, which she co-wrote with one of America’s best-loved kids’ entertainers, Red Grammer. The album, this time an album on “the virtues” for kids, called “Be-Bop Your Best!” was nominated in the “Best Musical Album for Kids” category. Also recent are songs co-written with two brilliant young artists: Simon Lynge and Sascha Dupont. The songs, “Birds Eye View” with Simon, and “Mad About You” with Sascha, were written in the eclectic style of each of these innovative performers. Other recent releases are "Where Do You Go" co-written and sung by dynamic new artist Karina Nuvo, and “In The Corner of My Eye,” by 15-year-old Lil Keesha, produced by Pamela’s co-writer, veteran Motown record producer Samm Brown III.

Whether it’s rock, writing with a band—such as the Ben Schultz Band—to take a great rock hook idea and make the story pay off powerfully; or jazz, working with such artists as Joe Sample and Chris Bennett; writing with great country writers such as Todd Cerney and Paul Overstreet; writing for kids’ projects such as Crayola Kids Adventures; or R&B-writing for such R&B greats as Aretha, Whitney, Peabo Bryson, the Whispers, the Spinners, and on and on; or straight ahead pop—Oland is a lyrical chamæleon who defies categorization.

The author of two very popular on songwriting, “The Art of Writing Great Lyrics” and “The Art of Writing Love Songs,” Oland knows her stuff.


Oland has been a guest panelist at Cat’s Cohen’s UCLA Extension song critique sessions. 

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