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The World by Brad Paisley

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In this uptempo country-rocker Brad Paisley values the woman in his life even if the rest of the world doesn’t see how special sh

Song: The World
Artist: Brad Paisley
Album: Time Well Wasted
Songwriter: Brad Paisley, Kelly Lovelace, Lee Thomas Miller
Producer: Frank Rogers

The singer values his significant other as significant even if the rest of the world doesn’t.

Paisley is the master of laundry list songwriting and this lyric is no exception. He lists image after image of people who don’t see how special his woman is, but lets her know in no uncertain terms that she is. What woman doesn’t want to be told this? To the teller down at the bank, you’re just another checking account To the plumber that came today, you’re just another house At the airport ticket counter, you’re just another fare At the beauty shop at the mall, you’re just another head of hair That’s all right, that’s OK If you don’t feel important honey, all I’ve got to say is To the world you may be just another girl But to me, baby you are the world

A lightning fast [176 BPM] straight ahead 8th note groove with a heavy backbeat.

A very memorable melody in full 7-tone major scale with an amazing almost 2 octave range, rare in country.

A textbook major diatonic chord structure that uses 5 of the 6 chords in E major. I V vi IV (2x) V IV V IV V I V vi IV ii V I

Sig A A B C A A B C D Solo B Sig Signature-intro verse verse pre-chorus chorus verse verse pre-chorus chorus bridge solo chorus signature-outro

A peppy rockabilly intro built around a twangy guitar figure.

A classic Nashville production that is as flawless as it gets.

The wit, sincerity and directness that are trademarks of the Paisley brand are very strong here.

Predicted Longevity
The universality of the message, the strength of the vocal and the relentless two-step dance groove should keep this record around for a long time.

Album Cover: Time Well Wasted

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