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Get The Party Started by Pink

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Pink's classic party with attitude dance hit that propelled her to stardom.

Song: Get The Party Started
Artist: Pink
Album: Missundaztood
Songwriter: Linda Perry
Producer: Linda Perry

A party tune with a chip on its shoulder. When I show up, you better be ready to party.

Groove tune about having a hot time at dance party starring, of course, the singer. Get this party started on a Saturday night/ Everybody's waiting for me to arrive./ Sending out the message to all of my friends/We'll be looking flashy in my Mercedes-Benz.

Hot dance groove in 8th notes, a feel that has been absent from the charts for a while. It's a classic fast rock-disco beat with repeated riffs that don't stop

There are two melodic sections with repeated riffs in each. The chorus riff is held and then followed with short lines while the verses are cookie cutter long lines. Because they contrast each other well our attention is kept and we keep on groovin' and dancing.

Harmonically, there is only one chord. No chord changes at all. This is truly a riff based piece which doesn't need harmonic progression to keep us involved.

Chorus Verse Verse Chorus Verse Verse Chorus Chorus Tag

No signature. This starts right with the hooky chorus

Dance production works well, the vocals work well. It is simple unpretentious and effective.

The queen of punky dance delivers her itchy to be bitchy attitude with incredible authenticity.

Predicted Longevity
A hot record for 2001, and while it is definitely hot, I think it will always signify this year to people who grooved to it, more than become a classic tune.

Album Cover: Missundaztood

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